Ecommerce Backend Security using Biometric Authentication

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Reliable person identification is necessary due to the growing importance of the information technology and the necessity of the protection and access restriction. The identification or verification might serve for a purpose of an access grant. In the lawsuit, the identification is very important as the best evidence. In this ecommerce security project, there are three modules namely, Admin, Employee and Manufacturer. Admin can login using biometrics. Admin can register manufacturer and employee by biometrics registration. They can also approve products added by manufacturer. They can also can view order details and accept product installations request and also track the sales done. Employee can login using biometrics authentication. Employee can view the order details and accept the installation request. Manufacturer can login using biometrics. Manufacturer can manage and add products. They can view orders and product delivery and installation request.

  • The Biometric Security Systems are supposed to be very reliable
  • The Biometric Security Systems are very secure and the protected devices and services are only hardly to be misused due to the biometric protection
  • This application requires active internet connection
  • User need to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally

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