E-Ration Card Management System with RFID

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The Indian ration card provides food for the poor people which is distributed by the government along with the fuel. It provides a distinct identity of person which is useful to update with the government record. The basic food items provided by government are rice, sugar, wheat. Ration Card is one of the most important documents which acts as identity proof for any individual. If people are not having their own Ration card they can also apply for the same. The process to apply for ration card has been facilitated to great extent but now a days this process is online which comes as blessing for the applicants who hate standing for long time in queues for filling the application form and then go to the office again to know the status. The network of the ration shops is spread all over in India to provide food security to the people. This distribution of food and fuel is fully controlled by the government. But it has so many limitations. Most of the ration shopkeepers keep fake ration cards with them. Due to availability of all ration items these items are present with the ration shop dealer so he can falsify the records and use the items to sell in the market loosely. The dealer then does not provide these ration items to the customers. Many a times people are not aware that the items have arrived in the shop. The dealer then sells these items in increased rates in the market. In this way, in the current situation we are facing problem due to lack in transparency. There is no such good system yet developed through which government gets message of usage of grains by the people. Hence, we have proposed an e-ration card management system which is based on RFID technology and biometric authentication technology that replaces traditional ration cards.

  • The proposed system replaces the manual work in FPS.
  • The prime objective of the designed system is the automation of FPS to provide transparency.
  • The proposed automatic FPS for public distribution system is based on RFID technology and biometric authentication technology that replaces conventional ration cards.
  • It may provide incorrect results if data not entered properly.
  • If RFID card is damaged, user won’t be able to use until he/she replaces the RFID card.

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