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E-greetings is a web project where a user chooses from an on-line catalogue of e-cards made available on the web site.
After selecting a card, the sender can personalize it to various degrees by adding a message, photo, or video.
Finally the sender specifies the recipient’s e-mail address and the web site delivers an e-mail message on behalf of the sender to the recipient.
An e-card is similar to a postcard or greeting card; with the primary difference being it is created using digital media instead of paper or other traditional materials.
E-Greetings can be used on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festive-season wishes etc.

Administrator’s side Features:

  • Addition of new cards.
  • Deletion of cards based on different seasons and festivals.
  • Modification of advertisement of different cards displayed on the particular web page.

User’s side Features:

  • Visiting the website.
  • Browsing for different cards available.
  • Selecting the desired card, if he/she wishes to send the card.
  • Customizing the card as per his/her needs.
  • Specifying the required details.

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