Directory Search and Information

This is a software mini project developed using It is a windows application that allows you to enter a directory name and then searches for it and gives information about the file.

This project works as follows:

  • It allows the user to input a file name.
  • It searches to check if the directory is present in the c:\\ drive.
  • If not it then searches the d:\\ and e:\\ drives for it.
  • If the file is not found yet it displays a message that “the file is not found”.
  • If the file is found, the system displays:
  1. The file exists.
  2. Full path of the directory (directory location).
  3. The date when the file was created.
  4. The date, the file was last accessed.
  5. Files inside that directory.

The only disadvantage of the system is that it does not search the subdirectories. That is it will show directory details only if it exists directly in c:\\ d:\\ or e:\\ drives.

Yet a simple and elegant software project developed in c# to help students. It uses the DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes for displaying accurate results about desired files requested by the user. Get this project for free only on NevonProjects.

Directory search and info in c#

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