Attacker tracing using packet marking

marking concept for this purpose that establishes an efficient defense strategy that is capable of finding out the real source behind the attack by analyzing the packets that travel on the network. Well even though more such concepts are used for tracing attack sources yet this project enables the user with a quite convenient way to find out the attacker with more accurate details of the source. This projects works on a flexible packet marking scheme that adapts and changes with the situation and even edits its marking style in accordance to respective router loads. It has been observed that this strategy requires a relatively small number of packets to do its job and has the capacity to locate and trace a large number of sources from their attack data. An innovative built in feature of this project allows it to retrace sources even in case of heavy router loads. This project is developed as a strategy against ddos attacks. It proves as an efficient countermeasure in terms of ddos and many other attacks and hence has many security applications.


Additional Benifits:

  1. Blue book (basic introduction as per university format)
  2. Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Project Black book (complete guide of the project)

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