Design & Thermal Analysis of Multi Layer High-Pressure Vessel using FEA

The composite material like aluminium and fiber matrix to sustain different criteria. In the present work, the structure of the composite pressure vessel and different orientations of symmetric shells designed. For pressure were investigated and 3- D finite element analyses using APDL Programming. FEA software is used for failure analysis on the composite shell of continuous angle ply laminas. The Tsai-Wu failure criterion is applied for checking the first-ply failure of layers in a simple form. Some analytical and experimental solutions are compared with the finite element solutions, in which commercial software ANSYS was utilized and close results are obtained between them. Analyses are carried out for the number of layers from 5-Layer to 20 Layer. But here Results are noted between Layer 8 to Layer 5, we can reduce the number of layers to obtain optimized design. At 8-Layers value the structure is safe and is at an optimum level. At 7-Layer its value is 1.00815 i.e. fails, which it matches with the value of test results. Therefore, we can conclude that T-Sai Wu failure criteria can yield fairly good results with consistent accuracy for the composite pressure vessels.

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