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Nevon Dementia Virtual Memory App
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Dementia is a syndrome characterized by memory impairment and disruptions in thought patterns. As per the estimates of the World Health Organization, around 50 million people around the world suffer from Dementia with nearly 10 million new cases every year. Along with the patient, the symptoms of Dementia tend to take a toll on their caregivers and loved ones as well.
Since fluctuations in mood is a fairly common symptom of Dementia, the Dementia app aims to help the affected individuals by tracking the fluctuations in their mood.

Caregivers can use the app to maintain a photo album of the patient’s life and loved ones. The app also lets the user store description along with the photographs. This feature assists patients experiencing problems with recalling memories.

The caregiver can use the ‘about me’ section of the app to store information about the patient. Since Dementia primarily affects the elderly, this app also features a text-to-speech function to make it more user friendly.

In this system, the user will have to register & login into the system. This system is for a person who is suffering from Dementia. User will have someone who will be added photos & details about it directly in the database and in the photos section, user can view and listen to the description about his family or where he lives etc. System uses text to Speech. User can also add or edit details about self, so whenever he clicks on about me, the system will speak it out. User also has a mood selector option, which will be spoken when the app is opened.


  • User can remember their previous mood
  • User can keep important or valuable photos and remember the moments
  • Speak about the photos


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.
  • Internet Connection is mandatory
  • The android mobile user will not be able to insert or view details if the server goes down. Thus, there is disadvantage of single point failure.

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