Daily Route Planner

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Many people own small business, where they drive car from one point to many. For drivers of any kind where they are about to deliver any parcels or to use a particular direction, they can use this daily route planner where they can base their decision on what they should follow. This makes road trip easier and faster. This route optimization application will navigate your entire route in stop by stop sequence, from start to end. With this route optimizer application, travelling time can be saved and many places can be visited on the planned day. This android application can plan route for a road trip including all stops and make the trip easier and smoother. It can help with roundtrips which will last more than a day. Also, it will help any person to analyse in decision making with how many places he/she can visit in total with multiple stops within a time frame. Routes are optimized to its best using various TSP Algos.

  • Better business with better planning
  • Eliminates Inefficiency
  • Increases Productivity
  • Better management of time
  • This application requires active internet connection
  • User need to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally