Custom Keyboard Android App

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A custom keyboard replaces the system keyboard for users who want capabilities such as a different text font or the ability to enter text in a different language. After user choses a custom keyboard, it becomes the keyboard for every app user uses. Hence, custom keyboard app must be created with certain base features. Most importantly it should allow the user to switch to another keyboard. The custom keyboard app designed must be fast, responsive and capable. This Custom Keyboard android application could be used in any android device. In this keyboard app, the user can customize keyboard on own, the user can set colours for a keyboard. Colour can also be set for keys. Users can also set different fonts for the alphabet. Users can also set a tone on the click of an individual key. All keys can be customized and can set the keyboard as default for all the Apps.

  • Customize each key of android device keyboard according to user needs
  • Provides many customization features
  • Does not support multiple languages
  • Does not support swipe and gesture keyboard feature

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