Cursor Movement By Hand Gesture Project

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We all wonder it would have been so comfortable if we could control cursor through the use of hand gestures. Well our proposed project puts forward a hand gesture based system that allows user to control the pc mouse movements through the use of hand movements. Our system uses pc webcam in order to detect hand gesture movements. The system continuously scans the camera input for five finger hand like patterns. Once a hand is detected, the system then locks it as an objects. A flag is set on the object in order to mark it as an object. After the object has been flagged and detected, our system then constantly records its movements in terms of X y direction movement based coordinates. These coordinates are then mapped real time onto the mouse cursor to move it according to hand movements.

Our algorithm works as follows:

  • Webcam video is captures using c# video capture libraries
  • It is broken up into continuous image frames
  • Each frame is converted to grayscale
  • Each frame is now scanned to check five finger design pattern
  • Once detected it is flagged as an object
  • System now tracks its movement within particular frame
  • This is tracked in terms of x,y coordinates
  • These x, coordinates are now mapped onto mouse cursor positioning

  • The system is easy to install.
  • It can be used as easy mouse control for users.
  • It is not an electronic based system so one can easily make use of laptops to install this system.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It maximizes accuracy and reduces energy usage.
  • It requires a lot of memory.
  • The alarm it has limited accuracy.

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