CRM For Internet Service Provider Php

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The main idea is to implement an online system for managing the internet customers and complaint system for customers for raising complaints on the issues related to ISP provider and provide best customer care service for users using this application. There are many Internet security providers in a country that will provide internet services for users on different packages. Basically ISP works on three connections, Dial Up using telephone service, Broad band and wireless connections.
Admin manages the whole system by performing task such as adding/viewing/editing/deleting employee details. System allows admin to add customer details and predict the internet plans based on their business type, region or age. Internet plan expiry dates of each customer will be displayed to admin if the plan is expiring in 5 days. All the complaint details will be displayed to the admin as well as employee to enter the complaint resolution.
Employee can login using valid id and password which is provided by the admin. After login, employee can view all the unsolved complaints received from the customers. After resolving the complaint, employee can update the provided resolution and close the complaint. Once the complaint is closed, an email will be sent to customer will resolution details. After receiving the mail, customer can view the resolution and can rate accordingly. Admin can view the report of complaint resolution provided by the employee. Report will be displayed in the form of pie chart.

  • System is easy to understand and user friendly.
  • The system is purely based on prediction which predicts an internet plan for the customer.
  • Admin can easily view employee report based on the resolution provided on the complaint.
  • Reports will be graphically represented in the form of pie chart.
  • Requires an active internet connection.
  • System may provide inaccurate results if the data entered incorrectly.

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