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Web application intends to provide a well-established web-based Social Network system between a job seeker and a recruiter. This documents a networking system scope, functionalities, requirements and feasibility. This project aims to develop a website which provides a Communication among peoples on network, which works quite similar to Social Media Site. This website also provides the features of writing and posting a post or any event all at one place. The main idea behind it is to share the job related details posted by placement officer via adding a post which can be read by all the student as well as faculty using the website. This web application can be handled by the admin and manage student as well as faculty.

The following points are implemented in proposed system:
– Students can register and login into the system once their registration is approved by the admin.
– Once the student logged in into the system, he/she can write and post an articles on various topic of his/her choice. Also he/she chat with the other students.
– Students can also upload images with their post.
– All students can view News Feed posted by individual student.
– All the student registration will be approved/rejected by the admin as well as, all the post will be kept pending until admin approves/rejects each and every post.
– Admin Login has full authority on system, he/she can add/delete Faculty.
– Placement officer can create a list of students by specifying the department and criteria. List will include Basic Details, Marks and Backlogs.
– Officer can add post and it will be sent for approval to admin.
– Staff can view student profiles and also can post event who’s details will be sent via SMS to students.

  • Builds a strong communication between the students and the placement officer.
  • Students and Placement Officer post are first sent to admin for approval. It keeps the system stable by not posting any spam or miscellaneous content on the web.
  • Students can only see placement related post which is posted by placement officer.
  • May produce inaccurate results if the data is not feed properly.
  • Requires an active internet connection.

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