Cricket Club Management Project

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A web project for managing a cricket club. This software system consists of various online booking and management functionaries needed by a cricket club. It consists of ground bookings, member registrations, notice posting, member registration, batch registration and more features. The software system is designed to efficiently manage and maintain the functioning on a cricket club. The project consists of the following features:

  • Ground Booking: The user may fill and apply for club ground booking using an online form. Once the admin approves this the ground is booked accordingly.
  • Member Registration: People may register for the club membership.
  • Batch Registration: People may register for various cricket training batches through the website contact form.
  • Notices: Recent notices can be seen on the start page as they are posted by the admin.
  • Admin Login: The project consists of an admin panel. Admin may approve and disapprove various ground booking requests, may check various members of the club and also people registered for various batches.

  • Helps cricket clubs to register members online
  • Allows cricket clubs to allow users to book ground online
  • Automates the working of cricket club activities
  • Users cannot pay online
  • Users cannot chat with admin

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