Camera Motion Sensing Project

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A motion sensor project that detects motion and sounds an alarm accordingly. This software system is designed in C# that constantly monitors an environment using a camera and sounds an alarm and even records images of the motion taking place as soon as it takes place.

The project works as follows:

  • The user first needs to set a security code.
  • As soon as the user sets the code and activates the system, monitoring starts.
  • The motion detector algorithm now constantly monitors the environment to check for any movement.
  • As soon any movement takes place in front of the camera the alarm is activated.
  • Now the system sounds its alarm and even takes photos of the motion taking place.
  • The user now needs to deactivate the alarm by entering the security code again.

  • The system is easy to install and is fully authorized.
  • It can be used as home protection and security purposes for users.
  • It is not an electronic based system so one can easily make use of laptops to install this system.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It also saves the motions occurred so that they can be used as an evidence.
  • It maximizes accuracy and reduces storage space usage.
  • It requires a lot of memory.
  • The alarm has to be manually turned off by entering security code.

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