Course Material Distribution System Php

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In various universities including IGNOU, dispatches material required for various courses after the affirmation are sent to students. The student data is provided including name, address as well as the course material to be dispatched to the student. Each course has a set of number of booklets, which are by and large pressed together before dispatch. Booklet Stock is printed and maintained independently. Availability of the stock of course material is crosschecked as soon as the new request for dispatch is received. The material is dispatched instantly if material for each course and booklet for the same is available. Rest of the information is moved to pending stack of course pending database. The inventory stock is updated on receiving new printed stock and dispatch is made first to pending cases.

  • The system is very effective and convenient to use.
  • It reduces the use of manpower to a great extent.
  • It produces an overall statistics of the inventories so that it can be further used in future for analysis purpose.
  • The system is secured and gives only authorized access.
  • It saves cost and time.

  • As it reduces human efforts, it reduces employment.

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