Cloud Based Local Train Ticketing System

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We propose to build a unique and easy to use local train ticketing project for efficient robust ticketing system using cloud infrastructure. The system allows users to register and as soon as they register an account with unique id is created in the system. User may book tickets for western, central and harbor lines and fare is calculated according to station distance. The cloud server allows for handling a large number of users using efficient computing power. It allows for efficient and fast computing for ticket costs to numerous users at a time. This balance is later deducted from user’s account. User may later recharge his account through admin.
• Admin account: Admin has a login from where he can manage users account and can even recharge their account on users demand.
• Member login/register: New users may register and login to the system.
• Unique Id creation: Each time a new user registers, a unique id is generated for that user.
• Member account maintenance: Each members account and their respective balance are maintained in the system.
• Account balance updating: The account balance is updated each time the user wishes to recharge his account through an admin.
• Ticketing facility: The user can take single or return ticket and the ticket cost is calculated depending upon the distance between source and destination stations.
• Ticket for western central and harbour line: Users may book tickets for western central and harbor lines as well.

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