Cloud Based Bus Pass System

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Customer can buy the bus ticket over the Internet, 24 hours a day throughout the week, this solves the issue of bus ticket being misplaced or stolen. Users can recharge through cc or debit car.
The site may get overloaded due to huge number of users visiting at once. Thus this system is built up using cloud infrastructure for improved performance.
In addition, the online system lets the customers check the availability of the bus ticket before they buy bus ticket. Furthermore, customers no need to pay cash to buy bus ticket because they can pay the bus ticket by using Credit Card (e.g. Master Card, Visa Card).
Hence, there is a need of reformation of the system with more advantages and flexibility. The Bus Scheduling and Booking System eliminate most of the limitations of the existing software.
Bus pass web system to put it simply, means system can provide pass identification using BAR code, Pass renewal, cancellation, updating, Student discount etc.
• Using this website we can check all details related Bus pass and instruction like how to renew pass how to update it, and also provide details of student discount.
• This website keeps all information of all Bus passes.
• Passengers first need to verify themselves the system using various through registration. Once verified the system allows them to book passes for any route online.
• Users can recharge through cc debit cards.

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