Chat Bot for Granite Online Ecommerce Shop

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The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods online. This project deals with developing an e-commerce website for Online Granite Sale. It provides the user with a catalogue of different granites available for purchase in the store. In order to facilitate online purchase a shopping cart is provided to the user. This chatbot ecommerce project has two modules namely, Admin and User. Admin can login and manage labours by adding updating and deleting information of types of labours for Loading, Unloading and Transportation. Admin can also manage products by adding new and deleting unwanted products. Admin can see, view orders and users. Users can register and login using credentials. User can view products and order details; User can also enquire about granite by using chat bot and buy products.

  • Eliminate Travel Time and Cost
  • Easy to get quotations.
  • Provides abundant information.
  • Available 24 hours
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • User needs to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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