Car Buy/Sell & Value Calculator Project

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A car comparison and second hand car value calculator system. Now a days a lot of classified websites allow people to post their used cars at their own price. A buyer at this time does not know the real value of the car and may get fooled. So our system requires the seller to enter car details such as car manufacturing year, model, engine condition, accident/repairs, paint condition and many other factors. Based on these values our algorithm calculates the most accurate value for the car. These factors need to be verified at the time of buying the car. Thus our system allows users to buy sell cars and also calculates the true value of a car.

  • One can know the value of car instantly.
  • It reduces confusion and doubt in buying a car.
  • Provides appropriate and accurate cost.
  • Users have to provide history details of the car. If some details are not available with the user then it may create problem.

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