Cancer Prediction System using Naive Bayes

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As per the data provided by WHO ( 9.6 million people are estimated to have died worldwide due to cancer in 2018. Also, 3 lakh new cancer cases diagnosed each year are among children aged 0 – 19 years. Cancer is amongst the deadliest disease that a human can get affected with. However, the positive side to it is that if the cancer is detected at an early stage, then about 50% of cancers can be prevented & cured. Otherwise, it may lead to a very critical situation and may even cause death. Hence, this makes it even more necessary to have a system or technology that can help doctors detect cancer at an early stage where it can be treated effectively.

To solve this problem using advanced technological solutions & artificial intelligence, we have come up with a Cancer Prediction System using the Naïve Bayes Machine Learning algorithm. This system takes a statistical approach by employing probabilistic & optimization techniques to draw out a result based on past datasets. This evaluation technique aims at helping doctors & pathologists to detect cancer at an early stage where it can be prevented & cured, thereby saving many lives.

In this system, users to get instant guidance on their Cancer disease through an intelligent system online. The Cancer Disease Prediction web application is an end user support and online consultation project. The application is fed with various details and the Cancer disease associated with those details. It allows user to share their Cancer related issues. It then processes user specific details to check for various cancer disease that could be associated with the inputs received from user. Here we use Naïve Bayes algorithm to predict the most accurate cancer disease that could be associated with user’s details. Based on result, system automatically shows the result specific doctors for further treatment. The system allows user to view doctor’s details.


  • User can easily get the cancer disease prediction on single click
  • Based on predicted results, system will display relevant doctor details for further communications
  • User can view doctor details at any point of time
  • System is kept online in order to serve people 24×7


  • Naïve Bayes Machine Learning

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