Android Voice Based Train Time-Table

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Traditionally, user needs to manually enter station name and search for details. Current system doesn’t detect user’s location and fetch train details. User needs to manually navigate through each page and view details. The process might get slow and also may consume time. Android Voice based Train Time-Table is a transportation related mobile application that primarily provides information about public transportation in the cities. Everyday travellers who uses train transportation can use this application to get the train details. In this android application, a user can check the rail map, stations with all the train details and more importantly departure times relative to any platform. This is very helpful application to link two or more trains in your voyage plan. It gives relevant information about all of the aspects of public transportation. New travellers to city can get benefits of this android application and use according to their convenience. This application is very feasible from user’s point of view.

  • This application is very useful for those who daily travel by train.
  • The application automatically detects the user’s location or takes voice input from the user.
  • User can easily get all the train details by the current location and setting their travel destination.
  • User can view and navigate through all the train details.
  • User cannot manually type location.
  • May receive incorrect results if data not entered correctly

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