Android Geo Fencing App for Workforce Tracking

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A Geo fence is a virtual perimeter of interest that can be set up to fire notifications when it is entered or exited, or both. Here, in this android application we present you human safety geo fencing in three different roles; Human Tracking, Destination and Fisherman. In workforce tracking there are two users and thus another separate app for user where he will update his image and location whenever he starts the app and the in the admin side i.e. the person who is tracking can assign a specific location where the user needs to go and check the images and the location he visited. In the Destination, the user can add a task with the waypoints for which he can track by selecting start journey and track his current journey towards the desired task and also check his task logs after he has finished the task. The main idea of Fisherman is when the international border comes in; the app locates his current coordinates and check for the limit or threshold that is being set where he cannot go beyond it. The system sounds an alarm when the user is 50 kms away from it.

  • Fisherman app can be used offline also.
  • Destination and Fisherman app includes both automatically locations and mocking it for testing.
  • Tracking is done and showed on Google maps. Geo-fencing feature can be effective to monitor workforce movement and activities in a given locality. Through the use of Geo-fencing the worker’s movement and recess time can be monitored remotely. Geo-fencing can easily offer better control over transport in the time of need.
  • Cannot be used offline for all the roles
  • Requires active internet connection.
  • System will provide inaccurate results if data not entered correctly.

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