Android Step Counter App

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These days everyone is very keen and very particular when it comes to health and health is directly proportional to your diet and exercise. So we present to you a system which takes care of your health by monitoring three different parameters of your actions step counter, sleep intake and water intake. While registering into the system, you need to enter your age, height, weight and gender to determine BMI and calculate the sleep and water intake per day. Here in this scenario the Step Counter uses the accelerometer sensor to get the input for counting the steps and shows a graph to you of your daily steps. While in water and sleep the system generates the amount of sleep and water the user to have, also the user can edit his physical attributes to as an when they are changed.

  • Real-Time step counting
  • Graphical representation of Steps count.
  • Stores step count data on daily basis.
  • Step count may not be accurate as the sensor used is accelerometer and not pedometer.
  • Doesnt maintain the database on server, if the app is uninstalled all the previous data will be lost.

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