Android Boat Crossing Game App

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This is Android Boat Racing game in that user register his detail. Whenever User login his account and play the game. After finished the race user can see the score. Score is in three form one is Recent score user can see the recent score of himself. User also can see the highest score from all the user. And he can see the total score from all the user. After playing the game user logout his account. This project aimed to create a boat audio system that was generic in the sense that with the appropriate input the system could believably recreate the sound of any particular boat that might be desired within a racing game. Additionally, the system should not present a significant processing load to the host system, allowing it to be used effectively in resource-restricted game contexts.

  • Current System is user friendly and attractive.
  • Multiple user can play at same time.
  • User can experience as real time system.
  • User can see the highest and total score of other user.
  • Compartible with Android devices.
  • Requires active internet connection.

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