Android Smart Ticketing System using RFID

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The current ticketing system of bus system works manually and is quite time consuming. People carry a paper ticket or smart cards as substitute, but if that is misplaced somehow or if anyone forgets to produce it at the right place these are of no use. The main objective for this project is developing an android application so that passengers can book the tickets online directly from their smart phones and a received message to their own phones is enough for travelling a desired distance.
For security reasons the information about every user is stored in CLOUD which is to be accessed for each ticket booking for validation purpose. “This change of paradigm benefits from the fact that cloud ticketing services can be accessed through the Internet and they can be elastically grown or shrunk, providing easier scalability and high availability”.

  • Efficient and secured way to book ticket using RFID.
  • This reduces completely reduces paper works.
  • Requires active internet connection.
  • System may provide inaccurate results if data not entered properly.

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