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Nevon Android Smart Bus Pass App
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A sizeable portion of the population uses some sort of bus service to commute to their workplace, college, school, etc. The commuters who travel on a frequent basis prefer to use a bus pass instead of getting a ticket as it is both cheaper and convenient. However, renewing the pass often requires a traveller to wait in long queues to renew their pass often making it inconvenient and negating the benefits of holding a pass. Passengers also need to carry and present their pass daily in order to avail the benefits.

Moreover, a simple paper-based pass can be easily forged. Thereby, causing a significant loss of business for bus service operators. This Android Bus Pass Management System has been developed to help both passengers as well bus operators and simplifying the process of bus pass management. This system allows passengers to renew their pass by making payment through the app itself. The renewed pass is stored in the app itself for easy access.

Moreover, this system’s user-friendly interface makes it more accessible. Thereby ensuring that people who struggle with technology find it approachable. User will have to create an account in order to use the bus pass system. User can create a new pass or renew an existing one if it has expired.

To create a new Pass, user will have to select source, destination, pass duration and payment method. Payment method in this app is just for a demonstration purpose having a variety of modes for the payment. The Existing pass of the user can be downloaded in order to show it to any authorized person for validation of the travel without being able to login and worry about internet connection.


  • You can find all the bus pass related information online without going to the bus station.
  • This online bus pass software system will help students and passengers get bus passes online and eliminate the need of standing in queues for passes or collecting a ticket for each journey.
  • The payment can be done online via credit or master card.


  • Wrong inputs will affect the project outputs.

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