Android Sentence Framer Application

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English is one of the easier languages to learn, compared to other complex languages. Learning English is useful for many reasons, but achieving true fluency takes extra dedication and determination. While you may speak excellent English, you’re not considered “fluent” until you achieve a certain fluidity in speaking and feel comfortable using expressions and idioms. To master in English sentence and fluency, we here developed a software project named Sentence Framer. The application displays various categories like food, games, breakfast, etc…from which the user can select any one of the category to display the contents of it. After selection of any one category, the application allows user to select multiple images of his choice from which the application frames a sentence and displays to the user. User can access the system directly without any login. This is how user could easily construct English sentences and also can learn a lot from this system.

  • Easy implementation of sentence just by selecting the appropriate image to form a sentence.
  • This unique system can be extremely used by children’s or those people who are curious to learn or new to English language.
  • Sentence frames are one easy way to focus on a language structure, provide support and explicitly teach English language structures.
  • There are limited no. of categories to select as well as the image contents inside each category

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