Android Expense Tracker

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This application allows users to maintain a digital automated diary. Each user will be required to register on the system at registration time, the user will be provided id, which will be used to maintain the record of each unique user. Expense Tracker application which will keep a track of Income-Expense of a user on a day to day basis. This application takes Income from user and divides in daily expense allowed. If u exceed that days expense it will cut if from your income and give new daily expense allowed amount, and if that days expense is less it will add it in savings. Expense tracking application will generate report at the end of month to show Income-Expense via multiple graphs. It will let you add the savings amount which you had saved for some particular Festivals or day like Birthday or Anniversary.

  • Builds Discipline and Organization
  • Forces You to Think About Money
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Budget Planner
  • Knowing your spending habits
  • Will provide inaccurate results if the data is fed incorrectly

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