Android Places Finder Project

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The android places finder system consists of a list of places registered in the server memory. The android device acts as a client and PC acts as a server. The places data is stored on the server and mobile device is used to access it in order to display to the user.
It consists of an admin login that allows admin to enter and store various places in the system. After successful entry the places get stored along with their logo, location and description in the system. The system when user by user allows him to first select a location in the drop down list. The system now allows user to select a type of places from the following list:

  • Restaurants
  • Theatres
  • Hotels
  • Attractions
  • Gyms

Now that the system has got all of users needs, system now searches its database for all the results as per users selections. It then produces those results up on the display screen. Now user may click on a particular result amongst the list to check its details.

  • Places Entry: Admin may enter details of users places as with logo, description, address and location image.
  • User search: For search user must first search the location and then select the type of place he needs to search.
  • System process: The system now processes this data and bring up results as per users needs from its database.
  • Result Display: The system now displays these results on user display to see.

  • User can easily reach the place by using application.
  • This application helps the user to find the location quicker.
  • This application will be in user’s mobile phone. So user can use this application anywhere
  • This application helps user to find best restaurants, theatres, hotels and attractions.
  • Server may require more memory space as it will store location details.

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