Android Patient Tracker

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We propose to develop an android application to aid in dispensary patient data management and viewing. The system is aimed to help doctors to enter as well as view patient history as well as other patient details. Our system is a standalone system that can be installed on doctor android phone to be used for further login. On installation the application allows a doctor to open application and enter the details of any patient that undertakes his service. The application allows doctor to insert various data fields regarding a patient including patient name, disease, medication provided, date of arrival, cost etc. The system saves this patient related data in the android phone. The doctor may now view this data as and when needed. The doctor may check the details whenever needed. The application allows doctor to search patients by name as well as date.

  • The system can be used anytime and from anywhere by the doctor.
  • It excludes the use of paper entries/registers.
  • Doctors can view patient whenever needed in their application.
  • Saves time and reduces human intervention.
  • The system is flexible and secured to be used.
  • Every doctor must have an android device for using the system.
  • Data cannot be viewed in another app or device.
  • Does not contain dispensary stock details.
  • Is a standalone system.

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