Android Multi Layer Pattern Locking Project

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Most of the smart phone users use pattern locking application in order to lock the application which contains important information. But these pattern locking applications allows the user to open the mobile application only when the user enters the pattern at one go, user won’t be able to open the application if he overlaps the pattern. So in our system user must specify the pattern while registering. He must specify the locking pattern twice for the confirmation. When the user registered successfully, he can use the pattern to open the application by specifying the registered pattern. This application allows the user to overlap the pattern. If the pattern matches with the registered pattern user will be allowed to access the application. If the user fails to match the pattern with the one registered within 5 attempts system will display an error message. Whenever user specifies the pattern each time pattern color will be changed. Multiple users can use this application.

  • This application can be used by multiple users.
  • This application allows the user to specify the registered pattern .System allows the user to overlap the pattern.
  • This android application can be used only in smart phones.

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