Android Civil Administration Reporting Project

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We propose to build a unique system that connects local people to the high authority in Civil Administration Office. The system allows users to register and as soon as they register an account with unique id is created in the system. User can then register complain by upload Image with description and GPS Co-Ordinates using its android phone. He can select to which Authority this Complaint should be sent. And he will receive a unique complaint id from which he can keep track of that complaint. We have an admin in this system who can add New Authorities and even he can edit their detail or delete them. Admin can view all the complaints but he cannot edit or update status of complain. He can only view the progress in complains. Authorities will have their separate login where they can only view their own complaints. And update the progress status on that complaint.

  • It helps user to register the complaint with ease.
  • Complain tracking using the complaint ID.
  • User will end the case on self-satisfaction.
  • You need android phone, without that you can’t use this system.
  • Complaint Status has to be updated regularly by authority.

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