Android Dabbawala Project

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This system is made with the view point of managing the Mumbai Dabbawala’s who provide homemade food to the respective people working in an organization. With the help of this system the dabbawala can deliver the food at correct time. This system is developed in android where user can easily order their food with their hand held devices. As this system is developed in android user can easily use dabba service anywhere at anytime. This application is built to be beneficial to student knowledge as well as help Mumbai dabbawala’s.This system allows the user to order the dabba service based on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. System will calculate the cost based on the service user had selected. In this system android user can select dabba service or catering service. In dabba service he can get food delivered from his home by the dabbawala’s at specified timing. In catering service he can order thali by mentioning certain details required for the dabbawala’s such as food type, quantity, time etc. User can view the orders he had placed. User can make payment online by mentioning the details required for the payment. Admin can view order of various users. Admin can make dabba order as well as catering order in case user had informed through call. Admin can even view various user details. This system helps to manage the whole dabbawala system. This system helps to deliver food faster and at right time to the respective users.

  • Website can be easily accessible to the customers and saves their time.
  • It eliminates the use of ordering through phone that causes incessant load on the workers in taking and processing orders whereas online ordering automates this process.
  • Customers can order online at any time of the day.
  • There is a confirmation of the order taken online which is sent to the user via email.
  • One cannot cancel the order once given.

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