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Nevon Android College Connect Chat App
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As we still continue to battle the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it has become very difficult for college students to keep in touch with the faculties & professors to get their problems solved. Earlier we had to personally visit the college and had to meet the concerned person to get our queries solved, but the ongoing pandemic has brought a complete halt to this approach & switching to an alternative method has become a dire need nowadays. Also, it has become very difficult for the college management to convey any important notice or message to all the students as all the college faculty members & students may not be using the same messaging app.
Hence to solve this issue we have come up with an android based College Connect Chat application where all the students & teachers can stay connected together on a single platform, thereby helping all the students to be in constant touch with the faculties and making it possible for them to get their problems solved in an instant. Hence, this android based application will help students to be in contact with their fellow mates & professors all the time without being physically present in a classroom.

This system is basically a kind of forum where teachers and faculties can come together and share their view. The Admin is the College here who is responsible to create profiles of all the students and faculties. There are four kinds of levels or forums involved here:

  • College – here all the students and faculties can participate and admin can add events and circulars.
  • Department – all the students and faculties can participate of the same department can participate.
  • Year – all the students can participate of the same Year.
  • Section – all the students can participate of the same Section.


  • Instead of using any 3rd party app, the college has its own chatting application.
  • Accounts are created directly by admin, so no place for intruders.
  • Forums are segregated based on Levels i.e. Section or Year or Department etc.
  • Students and Faculties can chat with their each other on personal levels i.e. no forums.

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