Android Campus Recruitment System

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Android Campus Management system project which relates to HRMS department will maintain entire recruitment service and provide services for job vacancies. This project is a combination of two languages which are Java used to develop the android application and Asp .Net used for web portal for admin. This project allows companies to post job vacancies with respect to the subject on which they are looking for employs and job seekers need to log in to their account with given login and password and check job vacancies. Job seekers can check their job application status from their account.

  • This system provides service to the potential job applicants to search for working opportunities.
  • This system helps the HR Personal in the recruitment of new candidates to the company.
  • The company can view all students’ detail and system can shortlist students according to their criteria instead of doing manually.
  • Student can’t edit their application once sent. It would require admin to change the data.
  • Requires active internet connection.

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