Android Battery Saver System

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This System is an innovative Application allowing the System to take the usage from Build-in classes and put a list in front of the user for him to review. The List also consists of the applications taking the battery usage and also determines the battery level. If the Battery level is low and the consumption of apps is more the system will trigger an alarm telling the user to force stop or close the apps.
This System uses Android Studio as its front end and doesn’t use any backend as this type of application doesn’t need one since it uses the data from the phone itself and projects to the user.
So basically the system helps the user to refrain certain apps to consume more battery power and drain it quickly and user can take some actions on it.

  • The user gets a list of applications usage in a single place.
  • The system notifies the user if the battery is low and indicates which app is using more power.
  • The consumption rate is accurate
  • Also indicates which app consumes more power.
  • This system doesn’t use any backend.
  • The system provides with less information then the phones build in app.

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