Advanced Car & Scooty Training Driving School Management System

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This Advanced Motor Driving School Management system can reduce the efforts of human power and wealth very much, and ensure driving-training school’s information resource to be utilized effectively. The motor driving trainers has to handle several students at a time. This will provide drawback in terms of communicating with students for his or her driving category schedule or test. It is a web-based application for maintaining records of car and scooty training school. This application automates manual tasks by managing all records of student’s admission, Attendance, vehicles and trainers. It will maintain the record of entire students of driving school. Admin is having control over all modules of the system. Two admins are assigned for the work in the absence one, another can handle the process. Each student is provided a unique user id and password. They can login in to the driving school management system with this id and password. After logging they will see basic training tutorials accessible on the portal. Students are also divided into two types, local students and remote students. Local students can register and select the package and timing, for remote student they can check for the nearby remote trainer.

  • The system automates the manual procedure of applying for admission in motor training schools.
  • Students can book their time slots according to their wish.
  • It notifies the students about next session via email so no need of manually informing them.
  • It provides secure payments.
  • This application requires active internet connection.
  • Users need to put correct data or else it behaves abnormally.

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