Image Steganography With 3 Way Encryption

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Steganography is the technique of hiding private or sensitive information within something that appears to be nothing be a usual image. Steganography involves hiding Text so it appears that to be a normal image or other file. If a person views that object which has hidden information inside, he or she will have no idea that there is any secret information. What steganography essentially does is exploit human perception, human senses are not trained to look for files that have information inside of them. What this system does is, it lets user to send text as secrete message inside an image file, user uploads the image and enters the text to send secretly, and gives a key or a pass word to lock the text, what this key does is it encrypts the text, so that even if it is hacked by hacker he will not be able to read the text. You will need the key to decrypt the hidden text. User then sends the image and key to the receiver and receiver first opens the image, and then he enters the key or password for decryption of text, he then press decrypt key to get secret text of the sender. By using this method you can double ensure that your secret message is sent secretly without outside interference of hackers or crackers. If sender sends this image in public others will not know what is it, and it will be received by receiver.

  • Fast and easy way of to send secure stuff.
  • Easy process to encrypt text on image.
  • Can be added on any image, so that it is like other images only.
  • Password have to be shared which can be hacked and used.
  • Only small length of text can be sent like hardly 2-3 lines.
  • Have to manually send the image to receiver.

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