Workload & Resource Consumption Analysis For Online Travel & Booking Site

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Online Travel and ticket booking is one of the fastest growing sales channels. It helps the consumers to book flights, hotels, holiday packages, insurance and other services online. There are number of online travel and ticket booking websites which are considered to be one of the top E-Commerce industries. As this type of E-Commerce websites present more services online such as booking flights, hotels, tickets, restaurants and other vocational packages. This type of websites are developed on a wide range of technologies to support them like Javascript , AJAX, XML, B2B Web services, Caching, Search Algorithms and Affiliation resulting in a very rich and heterogeneous workload. User visit travel sites depending on time, season, and promotions or during events. As number of users increase on any travel site this will increase traffic which will in turn increase load in server and will reduce response time so the website will fail to provide good quality of service to their customers. Therefore, it is important to understand how users and crawlers interact on travel sites and their effect on server resources, for devising cost effective infrastructures and improving the Quality of Service for users. So, here we propose a system where system will improve the quality of service for users and will balance the server load which will help online tours and travel sites to increase their sales. Our proposed system will consider server logs including both HTTP data and resource consumption of the requests as well as the server load status during the execution. System characterizes user sessions, their patterns from dataset and will also check how response time is affected as load on web servers increases. System also considers user session length which covers a wide range of durations. Such results can be useful for optimizing infrastructure costs, improving quality of service for users.

  • System will balance load on server.
  • System will improve the quality of service.
  • System will increase response time.
  • If internet connection fails, this system won’t work.

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