Wireless Indoor Positioning System

We usually find gps tracking systems to track a android phone location on Gmap but what if we run opt of internet connection or Gps. Or what is we want to track our location on a map. Well here we propose a system that uses wifi signals to exactly track an android phone location in a closed room. Here we do not need any internet or gps connection to do so.
Consists of four routers in four corners of room, based on the Network signaling strength of each wifi router displacement we store this data for further processing. Our proposed system gathers data and accurately maps it using indoor environment is estimated by FMM which is simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technique (SART) on a grid in order to get the exact mapping position of the mobile device. We propose this system to be built on an android device since it provides a robust mobile development platform. Our system is aimed to help the blind as well as knowing indoor user location in case of smoke or dark environment rooms. The system is built to use wifi signals and map the signal strength locations so as to guide user about his exact location In the indoor environment.

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