Wifi Library Book Locator Project

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Well a library is a vast collection of books. This requires a proper arrangement and placement of books in an order that makes it easy for the user to find a particular book. But in very large libraries having a huge collection, locating a particular book becomes quite a task.
Even though all books are arranged in categories, the location of category must first be known so that the user gets to know where that particular category of books are placed. In such a condition there needs to be a way through user can precisely locate the location of any book by just typing its name.
Here we a propose a server based system using an android application to achieve this task using wifi technology. The library operator just needs to add the location of a book in the system such as “3rd row| Right side | History Section | Fourth Book” and a map of the book along with it’s status of weather it is currently available or issued to someone else. All this data is stored o the server.
Now members are provided an android application that serves the book finding purpose. Whenever user within wifi range of server types the book name through the android device, it sends a request to server for the particular book location. The server thus queries the database and returns the book location details and availability to the android user. Thus it allows to automate the library book finding as well as availability checking functionality in a library.

  • It becomes convenient for users to search book directly through app
  • Saves time and money.
  • Provides book availability details
  • User need not even enter library, he can get book status within wifi range of library
  • Requires reliable internet connection.
  • Requires large database.

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