Wheelchair Guidance & Assistance App for Disabled

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Wheelchair Guidance & Assistance App for Disabled
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Nearly 1% of the human population requires a wheelchair for mobility. However, most developing and underdeveloped countries still lack proper wheelchair accessibility.

Individuals requiring a wheelchair for mobility have a tough time finding accessible toilets in new places. Due to this, traveling around and visiting new and unknown locations ends up becoming an intimidating and unnerving affair. Moreover, finding access to medical help can also prove to be tough at times.

Designed to be user friendly, This Wheelchair Guidance & Assistance System assists disabled individuals with finding the nearest:

  • Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
  • Vendors of wheelchairs and other medical equipment
  • Wheelchair repair shops
  • NGOs
  • Hospitals
  • Police Stations

The Wheelchair Guidance & Assistance System provides basic and essential services location with their information. First of all, the user has to allow location permissions. After accepting the permissions, the app gets the current location coordinates of the user and the data according to their location. Users can even change the location. After that data will be shown accordingly like Wheelchair, Toilet, Police, hospital, etc. users can see all these places directly on the map with a google map marker with their name and category.

If the user clicks on the info window, the app will be redirected to place details activity, which shows the info like Business Status, Address, Working Hours, etc. Users can also navigate to that place using the Google Maps app with current location coordinates and intent.


  • Helps disabled individuals locate a wheelchair accessible or handicap toilet around their location.
  • Disabled individuals can also use this app to find pharmacies, and wheelchair vendors and repair shops around them.
  • Users can also locate nearby NGOs, police stations, and hospitals around them.

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