Webpage Ranking Search Engine With Seo Suggester

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A search engine is an information retrieval system that has various website data stored in it. It shows user appropriate results on search. It also consists of website data. The search engine records no of times the url was clicked on, its goes to te web url to fetch its meta data and gives points according to page errors. An seo suggester used with it allows user to enter a live url. Our system goes and scans the webpages extracts its meta features and provides seo suggestions. The search engine is first fed with URLs of various website and stores this data in its database. After that the search engine allows user to search for particular data. The user can enter the data or text lines (query) to be searched. The system then uses this text and matches it with the content provided in the URLs fed in the database. The user query is matched with these contents and finally it generates a list of related URLs. The user can them click on the URLs thus generated and it will take them directly to the website. The search is based on users demand. Once user clicks on the links he sees the web page and all the data on it. It also calculates and displays the web page rank based on website meta score and number of visits. The system has an advance feature that suggests website’s owner for suitable keywords, meta descriptions for their website’s SEO.

  • The system provides accurate results and suggestions as per users need.
  • It also precisely describes the information that users are looking for.
  • The system gives results according to the best relations between the query asked and the information.
  • Thus makes user to search for requirements in a more organized way and easily.
  • Especially for website owners this system has a new feature whereby they get suggestions from it for various suitable keywords, titles, content etc for SEO purposes.
  • Admin just have to fed URLs and meta data of the website to the database and rest all is done by the system automatically.
  • Saves time as it provides results instantly.
  • Sometimes search engine give useless results that are not required by the users.
  • It may also mislead the users by providing wrong results for the query they have asked.

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