Web Server to Client communication for web usage data analysis

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We usually come across fields where web data proves very important for business as well as security analysis. Ecommerce as well as website usage data is of prime importance these days. Our proposed project puts for ward a system that allows a web server to record web data analytics of web usage patterns of various web links. The system is configured to record web page clicks, seo score computed as per a search engine ranking algorithm as well as other parameters associated with the each web page. The server has an inbuilt configuration logic required to scan live web pages similar to crawlers and then record/store that data for later processing. Since the data may be large and huge computational strength is required to store process this data. This computation may lead to overburdening on the server thus hindering its further indexing performance. Thus we propose a client application that communicates with web server to receive this data and allows for processing and manipulation based on this recorded web service data. This robust system allows to scan and record live web page analytics data as well as process it by communicating this data to another robust application so that we may avoid the server getting processing load.

  • The system is easy to install.
  • It will help the proprietor of webpage to arrange data more usefully.
  • It will also help to enhance the website by studding data, what his customers like more in his website.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It maximizes accuracy.
  • It uses lot of memory on the server to store the data.

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