Web Access For Visually Challenged

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The system allows blind users to access this web portal to access and navigate the web through this portal. Since a blind person cannot see the website, we here use a smart text to speech system integrated into the web portal to help the blind navigate by hearing the data on web. We make use of an audio menu that speaks out all available navigation options to the blind user and then instructs him/her to press respective keys on the keyboard (There is a specially designed keyboard for the blind, through which they can press desired keys). The system allows the person to login and after that provides a stepwise instruction on how to operate and which keys to press to enter a particular section. Later it instructs them to enter into desired sub sections. Past that the system reads out desired news, plays desired songs for the person as desired using the audio navigation menu. The person may thus easily navigate through the portal with ease. Now we also have an admin login section in the web portal. Here admin may add, update the news and other section data in the system.

  • Blind person listens to the speech, and easily navigate through the web portal based on the instruction made by the system.
  • User can listen to his desired songs, plays and news.
  • System reads out current news and other new events.
  • To use this system, User must have some knowledge of computer.
  • User should know the key position on the keyboard.
  • User must clearly listen to the speech made by the system.

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