Two Wheeler Catalogue Project

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A two wheeler catalogue project is a web application developed for users to view various two wheeler vehicles and simultaneously book them. This system overcomes the problem of searching for various kinds of models available in two wheeler vehicle. People usually go to showrooms of different brands in search of a good two wheeler vehicle that they wish to buy. This becomes confusing at a point and even consumes lot of time. Hence the project helps users to get their desired vehicle models and details online at a single place.
The project is categorized into various categories for each kind of vehicle like bike, scooter, sports bike and so on where users can explore these categories and subsequently compare them. Users can view and browse through these categories and book their desired vehicle by selecting the vehicle. The request is sent to admin. The system also provides two additional features of search option and sort option where users can search for their desired vehicle and sort them according to price respectively. The application uses as a front-end and sql database as the back-end.

  • It saves user time that is wasted in search of required vehicles.
  • User can find the various vehicles information along with images at a single place.
  • This system is effective and saves time, efforts and cost of users.
  • Users can easily book their vehicle online without visiting the site.
  • Easy registration.
  • The user cannot view the vehicle in person.
  • No human interaction.
  • If there are poor quality photographs then it’s of no use.

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