Theater Booking System Project

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A theater booking system is a project that allows users to check for available seats in the theater and can even book them at the same time. The project overcomes the situation of overbooking by automating the manual booking system, online. Users can make prior bookings for desired seats for their desired show at desired time and cost. The system provides additional optional things like food packages, discounts etc. It also calculates all the associated charges incurred in booking the tickets and the items. User may even cancel the bookings that have been done before and can book for another one. This is an advanced booking system that makes user customize their show according to their needs.

  • Sometimes it happens that the seats get booked soon when one visits the theatre therefore user can make advance booking using this system.
  • It saves user time in search of show and seats available.
  • The system generates online bill for requested show.
  • Users can even cancel the booking which is an added advantage of the system.
  • It saves organization resources, efforts and expenses.
  • The booking process usually requires a customer identity which the system cannot detect.
  • It requires internet connection.

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