Symptom Based Clinical Document Clustering by Matrix Factorization

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Here we proposed a Doctor’s clinic management kind of system, where patients will visit the clinic and if the patient is new to clinic, then receptionist will feed his/her details into the system else if the patient is already registered then the receptionist will search for the patient’s name and add into the queue. When the patients turn appear, doctor will be able to see his/her details and also can check details about previous conditions if any. After doctor sees the patient, he will make entry of medicines patient needs to take. Receptionist will get those details, and there will be a section to add symptom. So at the end we will have list of symptom and medication provided for that. On this list we will apply NMF and retrieve our best possible symptom and its medication.

  • Doctor can check the past health history of the patient.
  • Sequential patient appointment on first come, first serve basis.
  • If the data is entered incorrectly, the system will provide inaccurate results.

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