Supermarket Billing System

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This software project is a traditional supermarket billing system with some added functionality. This system is built for fast data processing and bill generation for supermarket customers. The billing system consists of an sql database and effective front end designed in The billing database is a vast collection of product name, price and other product specific data. A product when billed is searched from the database and its price is added to the bill based upon the product quantity. The system also contains discounts on various products so that the product is offered at discounted price while billing. The supermarket billing system is built to help supermarkets calculate and display bills and serve the customer in a faster and efficient manner. This software project consists of an effective and easy Gui to help the employee in easy bill calculation and providing an efficient customer service.

Two more (optional) features that can be added to this project are:
Rfid Tagging(Product identification): Rfid tagging products allows for directly scanning products and their data is added to the system automatically.
Sms Bill notification: The customer is even notified of the bill amount through an sms message instantly.

  • The system reduces much of human efforts in calculating bill especially for huge products.
  • Saves money and resources of organization and excludes of use of paper or sheets in making bill.
  • It can detect the product information and their price instantaneously using RFID technology.
  • Saves time.
  • It provides accuracy and faultless in billing calculations.
  • The system is designed having attractive GUI and with detailed description.
  • It is flexible and user-friendly.
  • It also notifies customers through sending an electronic bill via email.
  • Requires large database.
  • Cannot track the product information if RFID tag is abraded.

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