Student Examination Datacard

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Project Description

Each time we make an application or admission for a course or any other purpose to the university, we have to submit all the documents of all the previously appeared exams. Also the documents have to be attached with the form along with true copy done. All this requires lot of verification and also the form becomes complicated with so many documents attached.Sometimes the staff due to his negligence can make error in verification and can lead to errors.

The “Studcard system” will make a complete information detail about each individual student.
It will contain all the examination results from his S.S.C. till date, which will include all government given examinations results in it. These results will be in the form of scanned document. And the format will be very compressed one which wont require more storage space.
The existing students can apply for the same and get their regarding card , and the one’s in the S.S.C. currently can get their cards along with their results.
The admin will get a list wise view of all the students with their UIN(unique identification number),which is unique for all the students. And he can view it also college wise , in that too department wise.
The user of the card will get all the details of his exam results in the card,and also some other information about the courses completed or ongoing.

Student Examination Datacard

Additional Benifits:
  • Blue book (basic introduction as per university format)
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Project Black book (complete guide of the project)

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